Everything is gonna be alright

   IMG_4038       Have you ever had a day where your whole world seemed to be crashing down all around you? Everything that you planned has crumbled. Sometimes its during those days….these times that we can see God shining the brightest. Recently something happened that I really didn’t think would happen. I had two ways of looking at this event. 1) I could’ve freaked out and start worrying like crazy. “Oh no this is terrible, what’s going to happen?” or 2) I could look at the positive side. “I really wanted some time to concentrate on my writing, sewing, family and maybe I can volunteer.” 

        Things happen for a reason. God sees where we are and He helps us. No matter what happens in life God is right there watching over us, and the only thing we need to do is turn to Him. So when you feel as though your world is crumbling, slow down, think and pray. God has a plan. Maybe this is just His way to give you time again. 



IMG_0045All we need in life is love.
Every individual wants to feel accepted, heard, loved.
I believe the best gift we can give someone is love.
Listen to them, accept them, love them!

Each and every day we are given a chance to show someone that we love them.
Have you shown someone today that you love them?
Family, friends, a stranger.
Be kind, listen, love.
These are the words of guidance that I have been taught on purpose and inadvertently over the years.
These are the words I pass on to you.
Love, it really does make the word go round.
When we show love to someone, they will in turn show love to someone else and so on and so on.
Before you know it love has spread to everyone!
So let’s take a love challenge, let’s pass love on everyday and see what happens!

Have a great day and God Bless!

Thank you Troops!

ImageTo the men and women who risk their lives every day for us, all I can say is thank you! You make the ultimate sacrifice to make sure we are all safe. Thank you for giving us freedom!

We affect others…..

ImageMy mom loves watching Touched By an Angel. She recently re-watched an episode where Monica was in a bad mood, and she wound up getting many others into a bad mood as well. Just by being in a bad mood, she was mean to others which caused those people to go into a bad mood. I started to think about this today while being stuck in traffic, and again after reading an e-mail that wasn’t too nice.

      Here were two things that could make me mad and sad and ruin the day for me and others by the way I behaved towards the events. If I would’ve gone into work angry who knows how many others would become upset as well. We affect all those people around us, probably more than we will ever know. If we are in a good mood it may be contagious! So the next time you find yourself in a sad or frustrating situation, think about what type of message do you want to pass to others. Do you want to be in a good mood or a bad mood? Do you want to make others smile or not? The choice is yours.

    So the next time someone or something tries to take your happiness, don’t let them. They may just be in a bad mood, but you have the power to stop that bad mood and smile. 

…As we make our way

IMG_2983Life can be unexpected sometimes. Thinking things are going to turn out one way and then it turns out to be something very different. I’ve learned this concept again over the last few months. Back in December my husband and I got married! Let me say, it’s awesome! I love being married!! The whole planning process for the wedding didn’t really go as I use to plan, but hey I eventually gave up planning the traditional way and instead my husband, myself and our families pushed up our sleeves and planned a beautiful wedding on a ship that went out into the harbor. It was beautiful and just days before Christmas. It was perfect. It wasn’t what either of us originally thought at first, but it was so much better than anything we could’ve ever hoped for.

My mom made decorations, my grandmother and Aunt made the bouquets, my mother-in-law learned to dance, and I helped whenever I could. It was a dream come true. My husband and my family came together and celebrated the two of us. My dad walked me down the aisle, and my husband’s dad (my new dad-in-law) stood as his best man. My two amazing friends were my maid of honor and bridesmaid, and my brother and new sister-in-law were cool with breaking tradition and standing on their own siblings side. It was pretty cool. My cousin stood as a groomsman and his brother, my Godson, was our minister. It was beautiful. I loved every moment.

I write all this to say that sometimes the things we don’t plan for are the best things. Sometimes we need to trust God, have faith that if something doesn’t go according to our plan…it will still work out….who knows, maybe even for the better.

It will all work out….

IMG_2294This is a busy time of year. Most of us….myself included, get stressed out. Lately I’ve been stressed…. but happy. I just finished teaching a movie making class. (I teach students how to make movies) we had our premiere yesterday! It was so much fun! While I was teaching, I was balancing two jobs at once. It was hard, but so worth it! Then last month, my fiance and I decided to get married on a ship. They had two dates available…..we chose December 21st! Ahhh, planning a wedding, while tutoring students (my weekday job) and teaching movie making……that was hard to balance. However, each one was so important. I love helping others and my jobs allow me to do that. I also love my fiance and we’ve been engaged for almost four years….we’re happy to finally get married! It’s a lot of stress….and coming up with money for the wedding….it’s tough and stressful. However, God see’s this and He has helped put a calming peace over me. I couldn’t do any of this, or survive all the crazy stressful situations that have been placed on my path.  However, with God’s help these last few weeks have been great!

    We all go through stress, especially during this time of the year. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Buying presents, crazy crowded stores, traffic, parties, driving from here to there. Yeah it’s a lot, but it’s not the reason for the season. God sending Christ down to us in the form of a baby. He is the reason for the season. So when we start freaking out and letting the panic and stress get to us…..maybe we should stop, take a breath and pray to our Savior! Let’s thank Him for this beautiful season! Before we know it days, months and years will pass by…. let’s not miss out on all of these beautiful moments and chances to praise God, and the chances to spend time with His children! Let us bring love and peace to those around us!


Everyone has a dream, a goal…something they want to achieve. What is yours? Have you achieved your dream? If not what is holding you back? I know that reality holds my dream back. I see that I’m 30 and that I need a stable job. I don’t give myself enough credit though. I have followed through on a few dreams, and I am proud of myself. You and God are the only ones who really know how big your dream actually is, so you and God are the only ones who will be the most excited. Don’t let others reactions effect your happy moment. Know that you did something great! One of my dreams was to be a tour guide at Screen Gems Studios in North Carolina. When I did it, I was estactic and my family was really supportive and happy for me. However, some friends or people I met didn’t understand because it didn’t really seem like a big thing. It really depends on how you look at it. I was excited because it was my way to work both in the television industry and service industry at the same time. It was my chance to make a new reality and I loved it! What dream do you want to become your reality? Got it, now go out there and get it!!! If you ever need someone to talk to about this or anything, always feel free to write!